Eco Omo is an eco-friendly permanent safari tents lodge constructed in harmony with its natural surrounding on the border of the Neri river,Just outside Jinka (SNNPR South Ethiopia) on the way to Mago and Omo national parks in the heart of Omo Valley the very remote mosaic of ethnicities and cradle of humanity. 

How to Get There


















 Jinka is located 750km from Addis Ababa. There are two roads to get there, one from Butajira-Arbaminch-konso -Jinka and the other from Langano-Shashamane-yergachefe-yabelo-Konso-Jinka. One can also fly to Arbaminch with the Ethiopian Airlines or charter a plane to Jinka from the private airlines like the Abyssinian Airlines.

Once in Jinka town there are two roads to the lodge, one from the river side 700m and the other from the bridge 3km the road to Mago national park. You will see our signboards on the road.

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